Products & services

Fluorinated resin processing

  • Press moulding (virgin or filled in PTFE) : tube, rod, sheet
  • Transfer moulding (thermoplastics : FEP, PFA) : metal parts lining, massive tailor made piece
  • Paste extrusion in conductive and virgin PTFE : thin wall tubing, straight length 1 meter with high wall tubing, profile
  • Ram extrusion : tube 1 or 2 meter

Plastic boilermaking / welding / etching / Machining

  • Assemblying plastic/metal pieces from unit to dozens
  • Welding on FEP, PFA, PVDF raw material or film
  • Lining of rubber expansion joints
  • Natrium ammonia etching on FEP, PFA, filled in or virgin PTFE on every shape such as : Skived sheet, tubing, machine part
  • Machining « to the customer drawing » of any type plastic piece (fluorinated or not) from hundreds to million pieces (rings, seals,…)

Polyurethane cast gravity processing

  • Lining/unlining of metal parts such as guide cylinders, rollers
  • Half product : billet, rod, sheet, skived sheet
  • Specific pieces like pads for rad planning machines (metal/polyurethane – PTFE/Polyurethane)

Our assets and our commitments

Company experienced for over 60 years - Around 70 salaries
One "state of the art" production site in North of France
Tailor made projects worldwide (35% direct export)


AFNOR (AFAQ Brand) certified : ISO 9001 – EN 9100 (aerospace)

Technical assistance

PIREP allows you to enter in direct contact with the various persons in charge of your project in France or abroad :
Technical specialists ; Sales managers for a visit on your site ; Method and research office ; Export staff : English, German, Spanish

Tailor made

Our qualified team answer your specific request, whatever the quantities involved.
Please take contact with the sales department.